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Conversation with Sue.
In remembrance of Sue Domino,
who went to be with her Angels in 2013.


Biography of Sue Domino

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sue Domino had a normal child hood.  She loved to roller skate, ride bikes, jump rope and swim in Lake Michigan. She was a smart, active and energetic teenager. She had three older brothers who treated her like a “little sister”; Vincent, Thomas and Joseph.

As a young woman, Sue was enjoying her life when one day one bad decision became her life’s defining moment. She chose to get on the back of a motorcycle with a drunk friend and when he hit a tree, she instantly became paralyzed.  The years after the accident took a toll on Sue’s spirit. She was moved from hospitals to treatment centers to nursing homes. No one in her family had the ability to take care of her so she was forced to live in these cold facilities.  Sue tried to bargain with God but He didn’t seem to listen. She became depressed and angry. The accident had changed her life on a dime.

End of story?  No way. Sue began to understand that because she had a “disadvantage”, it no longer defined who she was. She knew that… her WORTH was not paralyzed.

Through the Grace of God Sue had been able to use her gifts to express herself creatively.

Her life’s passion was to help teens understand that choices have consequences

and even in your darkest hour…there are Angels among us.

Biography of Tamlin Allbritten

Born and raised in Michigan, Tamlin has always wanted to be an artist. With a BA from Michigan State, she began teaching the creative process more than 30 years ago. Through this experience Tamlin understands how art can promote self worth. Tamlin has taught in inner city, private and public schools and at a college level but has a heart for the “disadvantaged”. Creativity heals broken spirits and bruised souls.  Her work with brain injured patients, eating disorder girls and families from all socio economic levels proves that art is a powerful tool for healing.  Tamlin believes that the creative process goes deep and reveals hidden emotions that words sometimes can’t express.

Tamlin’s mission now is to promote Sue D’s story so teens will think of consequences to their bad choices.   
Tamlin is donating all profits of this book to MADD. (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers).

For more about Tamlin, please visit her other websites ForgettingToFly.com and  ArtWithAPurposeBooks.com

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