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Angel Photos & Overlay Drawings

The outlines of the angels on the photographs were drawn by Tamlin under the direction of Sue.  Because Sue no longer had the control of her hands, Tamlin was her drawing  instrument. She would place a transparency over the photo and draw what Sue precisely described.  Sometimes it would take 3 or 4 trys to get it right. “Don’t you see the wings how they wrap around?”  “ No, I see a different angel.”

Actually, the process was a learning experience because we may see different angels than Sue saw, and that is OK. The outlines are Sue D.’s angels. What you see in the picture is what you’re suppose to see. Embrace your angel.


Photos by Sue Domino - Click on the smaller picture to see the drawings

Apartment Angel

Charging Angels

Sunset Angel

Frost Angel

Fairy Angel

First Angel

Light Angel

Angel with a book

Falling Angel

Ascending Angel

Angel Pointing to the Light

Angel with Book in Beam

Dark Face Angel


If you have a photograph of an Angel, please let us see it.

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