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Tamlin has an Art Space in Fairhope, Alabama in which many Art classes and experientials are taught.

Tamlin's focus in these art classes is to empower her students through art.

Example Art Classes:

   1.) Masks (visualizing the face you present and deciding if is it working for you?)

   2.) Positive and Negative Thought felt puppets (capturing negative thoughts and turning them around)

   3.) Inside/Outside boxes (Outside=how you present yourself to the world. Inside=how you really feel)

   4.) Blank Canvas to Masterpiece (Visualize your future and begin to make it happen)

   5.) Before and After (where have you been (before) and where do you want to go (after)

   6.) Finger paint feelings (revealing hidden emotions and expressing them through art)

   7.) Sand Castings (compare Man made vs. Nature made, and discussing where ideas come from)


For more class ideas in a lesson plan
format go to ArtwithaPurposeBooks.com


Examples of student's work: