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"When I read "Sudy's Triumph" I felt her pain. I went through all the stages of grief that she did after my accident. Now, I too, look for angels in clouds and see them everywhere! They are reassurance that there is a God."

Brent, (accident victim/triplegic)

"Tamlin's book is brilliant !!!  There is such power in her intention. Photography challenged all the "I cant's" in the mind of this broken young lady. It created new possibilities and tore down barriers in an imagination that had been extinguished though crisis. The creative process helped Sudy to reach out for meaning in her life...and she found that even though she was in a wheelchair, she could still enjoy the dance of life.

                                                             Dr. John Terrence,  (Clinical Psychologist)

"Making art is a cognitive endeavor, whether it be a painting, a sculpture or photography. It is a powerful way to create experience of the mind. When I read 'Sudy's Triumph' I was amazed to see how this precious person reached out for meaning in her life through an artistic medium that gave her substance through the chaos. It amazes me how God puts Angels in our life to direct our path.

The book touched my heart. Bravo, Tamlin...you are an Angel."

Dr. Karen Roark, (National Teachers Hall of Fame)