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Felt Puppet Workshop

Tamlin uses Positive and Negative Thought Puppets to demonstrate how...
our life becomes the sum of our choices.

Promise and Spike are the puppet characters who talk to us every day and try to get us to think their way.

Spike will say in our mind "You can't do that. You are stupid. You are worthless." etc.

Promise will say in our mind "You can do this, just try. You are special. Go for it."

Once we realize that we have the choice to pick which thought to go with, we are empowered.

Tamlin will create a workshop in your school, your youth group or community center where the participants make their own puppets and begin to understand the power of the choices they make.

Each workshop is custom designed to fit the location, the audience type and the number of participants.
Presentation only or "hands on" puppet making classes available.
Contact Tamlinall@gmail.com for pricing and specifics.

Examples of positive and negative puppets:


What would YOUR positive & negative puppets be?